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Feel great …

Take care of the planet using our swimwear

Feel comfortable and safe for any activity with a water Queen swimwear.

From a walk on the beach to a volleyball game.

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We know each other?

You've seen us before, did you know?

That’s how it is.

We have probably passed through your eyes on more than one occasion.


It’s simple:  We are the brand that has designed those swimsuits that you have liked so much but that you have seen in other recognized brands, in some fashion shows, etc.

In other words: those swimsuits that you have seen on other sites, that you have liked and even that you have bought now have their own name: Water Queen Swim


New wearing experience

The fabric will adjust to your body (it will not squeeze you annoyingly) giving you maximum comfort
Exclusive designs
not replicable by other brands.
Two sides, two colors, two styles.
It's like having two swimsuits in one
Cool right?

Swimwear Handmade in USA

  • Dedicated designs created and handcrafted one by one which means Top Quality.

♻️ 3 

Swimwear that doesn’t just care about making you look great


It transforms in



Which then becomes …

clothing fabric


Our greats Eco- Frienly Swimwear

Swimwear Water Queen


Just imagine the spectacular feeling of  looking and feeling great
Live your beach experience as you are today

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